The team coordinated by David E. Singh comprises groups from University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), National Centre for Epidemiology (NCE), Consortium for Biomedical Research in Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP) and the Spanish Ministry of Health (SMoH). 

  • At UC3M: David E. Singh, Jesús Carretero,  Alberto Cascajo García and Aymar Cublier
  • At BSC: María-Cristina Marinescu
  • At NCE and CIBERESP: Amparo Larrauri, Diana Gomez-Barroso, Concepción Delgado-Sanz and Susana Monge
  • At SMoH: Carmen Olmedo and Auorora Limia

Former members

  • Diego Fernández Olombrada, Florin Isaila, Gonzalo Martín, Christian Durán González, Miguel Guzmán Merino.